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Nels Hotvedt
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I have completed my Bachelor's in Science in Physics and I've just earned my MS in Physics. I like to make pencil art as well as writing science fiction.

Commissions and Requests are no longer being accepted indefinitely due to other interests.

I like physics, period. It's one of my favorite subjects, and I've enjoyed every minute of studying it while at college. And most of the time the drawings here are nerdy with references to all things science associated. Some of them are sketches, some of them are photoshopped colored versions of sketches. Just to let you guys know, you will not fully get the idea behind these nerdy pictures unless you know what the fundamental forces of nature are. And I'm not talking about earth, fire, air, and water. I'm talking about Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong Nuclear, and Weak Nuclear. If you want to learn more, just ask me! I love to explain stuff! Again, this is me being a total nerd, so for right now just try and see these as four girls who are avatars of the four fundamental forces of nature. Enjoy! :)


Magical Girl Slenn Inked
Probably the girliest thing I've ever conceived. But I love it! Made for some of my role playing friends on Discord.
Forces of Nature, Early Universe, Act 1
Act 1 of a novel in the works. The characters that have been featured in the artwork that you've seen under Forces of Nature are making their debut starting with their early years! Please give feedback at any time, preferably through private messaging. More is on the way as I write almost daily.
It's a combination of Majou Shojo tropes, War of the Worlds, and Carl Sagan's Cosmos.
Act 1 is 42,896 words long divided into 11 chapters.

This is it. The last semester of graduate school. I should start by outlining what has happened since last time.

Since September of 2016 many members of the cosplay club became less reachable, and the interest in research was waning dramatically. Hand in hand, their fire was dying. Finally in March of 2017 a critical blow was struck when I made a terrible mistake in my research. I could not take the depression and anxiety of this situation if it meant 2 more years (by my adviser's estimate). Confidence hit an all time low, and I committed myself to going to counseling and taking medication for depression. After some debate with my adviser, I switched from PhD student to Masters. I felt as though teaching was a far smoother career option. Both of us could tell I was having consistent difficulty with research. We decided to have me write up whatever research we have for the thesis. After 2 months since the cataclysm I was able to construct 99% of the master's thesis. Starting in June through the end of July I was teaching half time for physics, just to restore my sanity. I'm happy to report I've been able to recover my happiness since March.

This semester I'll be teaching one last time. This time teaching prospective elementary school teachers physics in the form of labs. All the while I'll be preparing for my master's defense. Once my TA position ends in December, it's over.

Graduate school will be over, December 16, 2017.

I'll see you there.


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