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Hong Meiling Cosplay WIP - The Vest by Scisyhp
Hong Meiling Cosplay WIP - The Vest

Vest and wrap skirt completed for Hong Meiling! Both fit nice and secure when donned. Even though frustration is always involved, they were quite fun to make. Thanks to my mom for helping me translate the sewing instructions as well as guide me.The dragon in the background is actually an old Beanie Baby I had lying around. It was part of the Chinese zodiac line they had. Quite honestly I think it should become part of the cosplay. XD

The vest took a while to construct; much longer than the wrap skirt. The most difficult part was probably sewing the side pieces onto the front pieces, since it was my first experience with shaping. The vest also needed lining, so that was an additional step that needed to happen. Everything else was pretty self-explanatory. The black ties that you see are actually called 'frogs'.

"Your skill level in Tailoring has increased to 50!"

Hong Meiling Cosplay WIP - The Wrap Skirt by Scisyhp
Hong Meiling Cosplay WIP - The Wrap Skirt

Vest and wrap skirt completed for Hong Meiling! Both fit nice and secure when donned. Even though frustration is always involved, they were quite fun to make. Thanks to my mom for helping me translate the sewing instructions as well as guide me.

The skirt was the easiest to construct save for a few steps. Part of the waistline had a few holes in it that I had to stitch to close them. The straps were tricky but I was able to learn how to turn one inside out with the help of a video that featured Final Fantasy 9 music. One of the narrow stitches made one of the edges furl up. Everything else wasn't too bad.

"Your skill level in Tailoring has increased to 50!"

Tentative schedule for drawings: 
- Standardized FoN drawings - Wanted to do this for a while since the style and posing changes a lot between pictures. And I need to have something to help present the characters to new people.
- FoN Facebook Cover Picture - Another thing I wanted to do for a while. 
- FoN Princesses - I'm having a serious case of princess fever.
Princess EMily and the Photon Halloween by Scisyhp
Princess EMily and the Photon Halloween
Hello everyone! I'm super excited to show you this, because this nearly came out of nowhere. In the RP thread I'm a part of, there was a scene in which my character, EMily, gets to be dressed as a princess. And that inspired me to do a Halloween pic for her. Since the idea came about too close to Halloween, I only had time for one character to draw. However I will probably want to do the other three.

I had a massive amount of fun working on this. And there are a few physics related easter eggs hidden throughout the pic. One of them is color related and the other is QED related (Quantum ElectroDynamics).

As you probably have guessed, the particles with three fairy wings are photons. Neutrinos have two. They are nearly massless and tend to approach the speed of light, hence why they only have two wings (see Winona and the Bubble Chamber). Photons are truly massless and *always* travel at the speed of light in every reference frame. Hence the third set of wings. Photons are also the smallest amount of light, or other EM radiation, you can have. The light that we see coming off of objects are lots of photons of differing colors. And they mix together to get the color that we see.

Photons are also used as the mediating particle for electromagnetism. Since they are the smallest bit of electomagnetic energy you can have, they are used in Feynman Diagrams for interactions involving electromagnetism. They are denoted by wavy lines in the diagrams that connect to a charged lepton. The charged leptons are denoted as solid lines. There's more details in regards to this, so if you would like to know a bit more about QED, feel free to message me or comment here.

One accidental thing that I discovered while coloring the dress was that it looked like the color of liquid oxygen. Liquid oxygen is a light blue color. It's due to free radical electrons that emit blue photons when they are energized and fall back down to a low energy state.

Anyways. I wish you all a Happy Halloween! I will be heading off to Nebraskon in 6 hours, and I will be going as Reimu Hakurei as well as Ezreal from League of Legends.

Stay safe!
Commission for WAOA by Scisyhp
Commission for WAOA
Hello there. After a long time of waiting, I'm finished with a commission for a friend of mine on The Escapist. His character was from a post-apocalyptic world where magic runes can be attached to many things for magical effects.

I should probably address the pink elephant in the room to explain why this took as long as it did.

-Part of it was that there were other creative interests such as building with legos or working on costume props.
-Part of it came from the fact that the character itself had a lot of properties that I wasn't familiar or had little experience with. Such as a a slightly stocky build, bent metal being used as armor, sneakers, dreadlocks for hair, and (*sweatdrop*) a male character. The car grill that's used as one of the armor pieces took more time than expected, but it was easy to come up with. That being said, I'm not trying to scare away anyone from trying to ask me for a commission. Any drawing where the bar has been raised is grounds for a good challenge. And I want the experience from that.
-Thirdly, I wanted to keep up with the recent progress I was making in my research with nuclear physics. So weekday production of this drawing went down towards the finishing touches. And the research did take up a lot of time last week and the week before that.
-Finally, I had a lack of interest in drawing lately in favor of other entertainment. That's not to say this will be the last piece in general or the ice cream drawing will be the last of the FoN characters. It just means that I'm wanting to try something else.

I'm still up for suggestions at the moment. I'm thinking of ideas that you guys might like. So if you have an idea, look at my front page and follow the guidelines. PM me if you have something. I never ask for a price other than your patience.

Have a safe semester!
Well, summer is finished and I'd figured I'd do an update.

One new report is that I'm hitting a break with some of my drawings. Right now my creative interests are with legos and fixing up cosplays. And so production times for these drawings has increased substantially. I am trying to finish up a commission for a friend on the Escapist as quickly as possible. Any other drawings that I planned on doing are on hiatus, if only because I've just been hanging on to for them for too long and I couldn't keep up my promise.

I'll let you guys know when I'm in better creative spirits.

Right now I'm also in the middle of being a full time RA with 6 credit hours worth of research this semester. There are no classes to worry about, so there's no more homework and no finals. However after next semester, I will likely be preparing the final touches on an oral prelim for my research.

I am joining a cosplay club this semester at ISU, and hopefully it'll be a good deal! They plan on doing their own internal panels at meetings to present tutorials on how to make cosplays, from sewing to working with foam or plastic. And, at least I think, it will help the production of my own cosplays (even if I've had to outsource a seamstress to make a whole costume every so often).

I did beat an abnormally large amount of games this summer:
Wasteland 1
Final Fantasy 3 on DS
Starcraft HotS single player campaign on Normal
Siege of Orgrimmar on WoW
Touhou 6, EoSD (1cc on Normal, Reimu A)

So that's about it. I'll let you guys know how the cosplay club turns out and when I'm in a better phase for drawing. Their first meeting is next Monday.

Stay safe!
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Nels Hotvedt
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a graduate student in physics at Iowa State University. As of this moment I have completed my Bachelor's in Science in Physics and I'm currently working as a TA (teacher's assistant) while doing graduate classes at Iowa State University.

If you want to know my guidelines for commissions or requests please scroll down a few paragraphs.

I like physics, period. It's one of my favorite subjects, and I'm enjoying every minute of studying it while at college. And most of the time the drawings here are nerdy with references to all things science associated. Some of them are sketches, some of them are photoshopped colored versions of sketches. Just to let you guys know, you will not fully get the idea behind these nerdy pictures unless you know what the fundamental forces of nature are. And I'm not talking about earth, fire, air, and water. I'm talking about Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong Nuclear, and Weak Nuclear. If you want to learn more, just ask me! I love to explain stuff! Again, this is me being a total nerd, so for right now just try and see these as four girls who are avatars of the four fundamental forces of nature. Enjoy! :)

Right now the writing is kind of on hiatus, and I don't know exactly when in my life I'm going to pick it up. However I do want to pick up where I left off which was with two wonderful girls on the purple planet of Alpha Centauri.

***Re: Commissions***
I have been noticing an increase in people giving me requests over the past year or so. So now I'm going to list out some parameters for some of you who wish to have me do something for them. I won't ask for a price other than your patience. While I am joyous to see you people want to see me do some artwork for you, please keep in mind that the artwork is a hobby, not a job. My job is researching nuclear physics and working as a teacher assistant. If I don't have time to work on something in my free time, I don't have time. So here are the parameters:
-No fetish artwork. By that I mean no sexual fetishes.
-No grotesque or gory artwork.
-No bodily fluids or solids involved.
-No fanservice or sexualization.
-If it involves my own physics OC's, in addition to the above it also needs to involve physics concepts in a strong way. That's been the impetus behind their drawings since their conception. If I don't have enough room within the parameters of the request to do something with physics, then the request will be declined.
-I have not done that much fan-art of published characters, so I really don't have anything against it. However if he/she/it is from a series that I haven't watched or read, I probably won't feel as motivated.
-I have little to no experience with drawing animals.
-Not so much of a parameter, but there have been people in the past who have thought that their original characters may seem too complicated. Complexity is irrelevant for any commission that I do. All that matters is if the bar has been raised enough so that I can learn.
-You like cute things? I like cute things as well. If I think your commission sounds cute, it's a guaranteed hit.
Also, if you're giving me llamas, I'm no longer sending out thanks. Why? Because comments on artwork are a lot more valuable than a useless badge that does nothing and represents nothing special.

Current Residence: A house in Ames, IA.
Favourite genre of music: Ambient, Soundtracks, Electronic
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8.5

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